Our consultants are experts in finance and strategy, coming from the the best trainings programmes and benefiting from a solid experience acquired in investment banking, private equity, consulting and audit firms, listed ETIs and/or in transformation including LBOs.

Our teams include professionals who belong to associations representing the financial centre such as the Société Française des Analystes Financiers (SFAF), AFiTE (French Association of Financial Analysts), AFiTE for equity and financial investment advice and the Cercle des Analystes Indépendants (Circle of Independent Analysts), which promotes independent analysis, its knowledge and its recognition by all economic players.
The operations on which we work often mobilise multiple skills. In order to ensure the best possible security for our operations, Eurocif also has access to a network of partner experts with strong technical (translators, accountants, lawyers, tax specialists, etc.) or sector-specific skills.
We attach particular importance to the quality of our services. Our ability to understand and adapt to each circumstance enables us to offer a tailor-made response to our clients. Our human-sized team provides you with a personalised, flexible and responsive service.

All our interventions are accompanied by a confidentiality clause and a moral commitment to preserve the interests of the client company.

The intervention of independent experts protects the company from situations of conflict of interest between service providers (lenders & corporate finance, auditors & consultants) that could affect the quality of the service.

Our services are always guided by high ethical standards and we attach great importance to the sincerity of our recommendations and their implementation. Our missions are limited to our scope of competence in the strictest respect of deontology. As such, Eurocif experts are subject to compliance with the Code of Ethics which applies to all Eurocif staff, employees or partners in the context of its interventions.




Eurocif by itself or by its executives is a member of the most respected professional associations of the Paris financial centre.

The SFAF works on improving financial analysis techniques and developing high-quality economic and financial information. 

The SFAF assists issuers (listed companies) in the organization of their financial communication meetings, trains analysts and managers and takes into account changes in financial activities. The SFAF works with the French securities regulators to improve the quality of financial information and develop the role of financial analysts, and represents the profession in national, European and international bodies.  

The Circle of Independent Analysts brings together companies whose purpose is the promotion of independent analysis, its knowledge and recognition by all the actors of the economy. 

It brings together professionals of independent analysis, in a logic of transversality of the professions. The members are company analysts and investment analysts.

AFiTE, an association for the Financing and Transfer of Companies affiliated to the National Chamber of Financial Advisors and Experts, brings together players in the field of equity capital.

Its professionals assist, advise and support individuals or legal entities and their managers and/or their shareholders or partners in the context of a business transfer/transfer/acquisition project, external growth operations, opening up of capital or fund-raising, and if necessary in the search for financing for these same operations. 


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